My journey with Infertility

You have dreamt about raising a family, planned for the correct time to have a child and suddenly you canít seem to get pregnant. You have been trying hard, have already been to your obstetrician/gynecologist for advice and maybe even tried some medications but all in vain. It results in total loss of hope.

You then take to fertility supplements hoping that it might just trigger the process. But all in vain as many over-the-counter and prescription drugs can actually affect your chances of conceiving. Not all women need the same fertility help and not all fertility supplements are the same. However, the side effects of fertility drugs can be reduced with a healthy lifestyle.

So, after years of yearning to have a baby and a miscarriage later, me and my spouse are still not too keen on high-tech medical interventions hoping that nature will simply take its course. Coping with a much-awaited pregnancy loss was difficult but we came out of it soon and started trying again. But after months of disappointment, I finally gave in to sophisticated medical advice. So, now I am going through thorough checkups with proper diagnosis and treatment to minimize potential fertility threats.

Infertility led to anger, frustration and depression and more. In my case, it was worse as I have always loved children and have been playing a babysitter to my friendsí kids. Other friends and family members announcing their pregnancy, birth of their children or sharing their experiences with their little ones can be very depressing but I am trying to be patient and continue to strive for it. A positive attitude is the best way to move on.

The infertility journey so far has made me a stronger and more patient person and I now share a new level of intimacy with my husband. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we are positive that the love between us will bear some fruits soon, so that we could gift our child two parents who love each other.